Thursday, March 12, 2009

I suck

I haven't eaten food in the last two weeks. Wait, no. That's not entirely true, but I'm surviving purely on Juice it Up, and anything that only requires me to re-heat/boil it for dinner. I friggin love Costco's flautas, potstickers and ravioli. I always thought it was really tacky to heat up a jar of Prego in the microwave like a college student and pour it over my pasta. But alas, this is what my foodie life has boiled down to in the past couple weeks.

I'm going to Ariel's Grotto on Monday for the Princesses birthday. Maybe I'll review that. I wonder what the mouse will think?


  1. Wow Stacey I love your blog!! This is totally awesome. You're totally amazing! Is it possible to use anymore CA slang, like, really?
    PS Cosco rocks! I can't wait to hear about the grotto!