Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sun Dried Tomato

We went to Sun Dried Tomato's new location in San Clemente. We went on opening night, April 7th. We sat outside. It was cold but they had heaters out there. It was completely spur of the moment so I didn't take pictures. Sorry!

I had a cold and all I wanted was their super decadent Sun Dried Tomato soup. It didn't disappoint. It is so good. It is creamy and delicious! They serve all their meals with a bread bowl and a sun dried tomato butter.

My husband had a sirloin burger which is served with shoestring french fries. My husband likes to call them frittes so that it sounds fancy. He's funny! His burger was great and the fries are something special!

We took dessert home. It was cinnamon apple beignets which were ok. They were good, but I probably won't get them again. They are not at all like the Cafe du Monde beignets...they are more like doughnut holes. The flavor was fine, the texture was a little off, in my opinion.

I have since been back for a take out lunch. I got the 1/2 and 1/2 lunch with the apple salad and cream of jalapeno soup. I loved the flavor of the soup but I thought it needed to be thicker. The salad was delicious like always with the fantastic dijon viniagrette!

You need to go...NOW!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How many Stacey's does it take to screw in a light bulb?

This has nothing to do with food, just me being me. If you know me you'll say "ya, I can see how she did that". So we have this stairwell at our house that is sooooo tall. We have lived here 4.5 years and I've just been waiting for THE light bulb to go out. But I made a mental note that my dad has one of these light bulb extension thingies:

Awesome right!!! No, that little thing at the top screws on. It is not permanently attached to the handle. I don't know why. If I ever meet the inventor...we are going to have words because LOOK what happened!
FRICK! How am I going to get that down from 18 feet! Seriously.

Please ignore the bad photoshop. I just wanted you to see how big the stairwell is. Also, clearly the light is on so I fixed it. But I was freaking out. If that light which was hanging on by about 1/4 turn had fallen, little tiny shards of light bulb glass would have gone EVERYWHERE! The light bulb was wobbly so it was quite cumbersome to screw the pole in without unscrewing the light bulb. But alas, after about 20 minutes of messing around, I now know that it only takes 1 Stacey to screw in a light bulb!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Class Pizza

So as a Talega (that's the side of San Clemente that pays big taxes so the other side of San Clemente can hate us) resident I've been dying for more stuff to open in the Talega Village Center! Seriously, we Talegans love family friendly stuff and First Class Pizza opened today! This place is fantastic. I went for lunch today and got myself a lunch special with a cheese pizza, small salad and a drink for $5.99 ($6.51 after tax). I decided it was so good that I ordered two more pizzas to be delivered (yes, GOOD PIZZA delivered!) throughout the day to my business. The owner was there with his family at lunch. They greeted everyone and made sure all the guests were happy. I stopped by at dinner and the place was packed. This is fantastic because he didn't advertise at all that he was opening today. He did get a lot of promotion from me though ;) I think my clients liked the free pizza too. They have a great family special. I'll see if I can get permission to scan a copy of their menu for you guys! It's so great!!!! YAY!

First Class Pizza has no website. But call, visit! Eat, drink and be merry!

Also, Sun Dried Tomatoes opens Tuesday. Stay tuned for a review (with pics)