Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Class Pizza

So as a Talega (that's the side of San Clemente that pays big taxes so the other side of San Clemente can hate us) resident I've been dying for more stuff to open in the Talega Village Center! Seriously, we Talegans love family friendly stuff and First Class Pizza opened today! This place is fantastic. I went for lunch today and got myself a lunch special with a cheese pizza, small salad and a drink for $5.99 ($6.51 after tax). I decided it was so good that I ordered two more pizzas to be delivered (yes, GOOD PIZZA delivered!) throughout the day to my business. The owner was there with his family at lunch. They greeted everyone and made sure all the guests were happy. I stopped by at dinner and the place was packed. This is fantastic because he didn't advertise at all that he was opening today. He did get a lot of promotion from me though ;) I think my clients liked the free pizza too. They have a great family special. I'll see if I can get permission to scan a copy of their menu for you guys! It's so great!!!! YAY!

First Class Pizza has no website. But call, visit! Eat, drink and be merry!

Also, Sun Dried Tomatoes opens Tuesday. Stay tuned for a review (with pics)


  1. I LOVE First CLass Pizza! It's my favorite!

  2. The other side of San Clemente does not hate you...just annoyed that you are so ignorant when it comes to the City's anti-development policies that are stiffling our entire community....hope you enjoy the new Target in your could have avoided that if you would have supported the Pacific Golf development that would have funded the Vista Hermosa park...

  3. Actually, I find the Target quite convenient. Plus, who needs a park when you have a giant backyard??

  4. How is it the people of Talega's fault that the Target is getting built? Doesnt the city of San Clemente approve all that? Actually, it was the city's bright idea to try to build the Vista Hermosa sports park without proper funding. As a result they are having Target fund it.

    As far as the Pacific Golf Development, isnt their enough traffic on Pico already?
    Plus, what makes it ok to build a ton of homes on the Pacific golf course but not ok to build a Target.
    If you are anti-development, then you would have been anti the Pacific Golf Development as well.
    I find it interesting that one person feels that it's ok for their house to be built on San Clemente land, or their preferred store to be built on San Clemente land. But someone else doesnt have those same rights.

    Sounds a bit crazy to me.