Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ariels Grotto

I didn't take pictures of the food. Sorry. Ariel's Grotto is fantastic with a 4 year old. Ariel is at the bottom of the stairs when you walk in. You get to take pictures with her. Multiple princesses come out to visit. We saw Cinderella, Aurora (that's Sleeping Beauty to all you non-princess peeps), Snow White and Belle. The Princesses take time at each table. It's really very sweet.

As far as the food, it started out looking promising. They sent out a 3 tiered anti pasta plate with salami and cheese, salad, jello for the kiddo's. My husband and I both got some sort of pasta. It was "fancy Hamburger Helper". My friend Mike got steak...that was not a wise move. All the food is just well presented Disney food. Disney is not known for their fine dining. I have been to PCH Grill for breakfast with Lilo and Stitch. That was buffet style and really not bad. I went for the breakfast buffet and it was not a bad price. Ariel's Grotto is not as good as PCH Grill.

Pricing...there is NO pricing on any menus, drink menus, websites, etc. I knew it was going to be pricey so I wasn't really surprised at the bill. Adult prices are $31.99 and children's prices are $17.99. That does not include the 18% gratuity that Disney charges. Will I go again? I'm not sure. It just depends on what my own little princess wants :)


  1. This place is 100% for the atmosphere. The food isn't good, but it's worth it for the experience.

    Hey, were're doing another bloggy meet up on Friday at the Irvine Spectrum at 11:00--lunchtime. Let me know if you can come and I will send you a list of the OC bloggers coming.


  2. You can add pics now. I gave them to you today!